Customize Your Day

Most  couples realize early on that the job of planning their wedding is one that they could use a helping hand in.  It all goes smoothly up to a point and that's when the smooth wedding planning turns into sometimes overwhelming stress!  The very thought of having to answer question after question on the day of, or worse yet-having to enlist the help of your mother and soon to be mother-in-law to work instead of enjoy all the pre-wedding activities just becomes too much!  My Wedding Management services are exactly what you need!  It gives you monthly planning meetings, a beautiful Client Portal to store all your planning information and the knowledge of a seasoned professional (16 years and counting!) to help calm your fears, alleviate stress and take care of EVERYTHING for you.  

Wedding Planning

My wedding planning services are perfect for the couple that wants to have everything taken care of for them.  They don't want the extra stress of planning a wedding, finding the perfect venue and vendors.  They are happy to hand over the reigns to someone else and have them coordinate all the fine details while keeping in touch with them regularly.  My services begin with the nitty gritty of planning and see you through the conclusion of your event.