Practice Makes Perfect

Stressing over rehearsal? Remember we are here to help! Even though we require you have a ceremony rehearsal, we ALSO want it to be fun and easy. We do our best to make sure they are as stress free as possible! :-) Most rehearsals are not "perfect" but in our experience that is not necessarily a bad thing!

Keep in mind venues normally don't schedule rehearsals until about 30 days out. What if your venue is not available? No worries, we have you covered! Rehearsals can be done in your backyard, hotel conference room, or nearby park. You might also want to consider holding the rehearsal near your rehearsal dinner location or even at the rehearsal dinner location. The most popular time for our rehearsals have been 3:00 or 5:00 pm; dependent on the rehearsal location and day of the week.

Trying to schedule rehearsal at the perfect time is not an easy task. I'm sorry to tell you; but this rarely happens! What does happen is life-people get off work late, planes don't arrive until the morning of the wedding, kids get sick and CORONA VIRUS! Good news is not everyone has to be at Rehearsal. It's preferable for your Officiant, Parents of the Bride & Groom and Bridal Party be present. Don't stress over who can and cannot be there though. Give your people some grace and allow them the time to get out of the office, off the plane, in an Uber, out of the doctors office etc. We will start on time but its no problem at all to fill any late comers in as they arrive or even on the day of if we have to.

Above all remember this: "it's not rocket science" -it's actually a little more like "follow the leader" or ......"herding cats" in some cases-HA!

Rockets or Cats-whatever the case may be we have had LOTS of practice and are here for you on your wedding day to make sure everything goes as close to perfect as possible.

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